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About us

Welcome to the Purple Corner! Quirky, unusual, different - Purple Corner is an Architecrue and planning studio, which stands for being unique and noticable. Without ignoring the necesity of practicality, we focus on delivering the best possible solution – made to the clients specifications, and with an added unique little spark. Function and design are two sides of the same coin, thus the challange is to create beautiful and functional environment, ehich highlights unique and elegant solutions, at the same time maintaining a firm connection to the reality and usefulness.

We are based in Riga, Latvia with an outlook to the whole world. The combined experience of our collective spans decades and multiple countries, touching apon an array of architectural disciplines. Anything from a small house extension, to a large skyscraper; from a large warehouse to a bespoke and delicate historical renovation - we are ready for to take on anything - the more unusual the better.


'Hotel Playa Girõn'

Project stage: sketch design / 2017 Jul – 2018 Sep

Existing resort renovation and modernisation concept design. Client wishes for this, 50 years ago built, individual hotel resident complex to be brought to its former glory, with a possibility for future development in the near future. Concept design is based upon the existing individual housing location, whilst completely updating the design of each unit, from outdated and worn out huts, to modern and vibrant small bungalows. With a view to the palm-filled ocean shore, and individual front garden of exotic plants, every bungalow has its own taste of individuality whilst completely fitting into the overall ansamble.


Project stage: sketch design / 2017 Jun – 2017 Aug

Small standardized container house for the Norwegian mountainous regions. Client approached us with a request to design a standardised structure, which can be built in hard to access or even inaccessible environments – mountainous regions. The concept is based around the attempt to achieve the least labour intensive design possible, with the majority of components produced offsite, due to the limited site accessibility. Thus, the building is placed upon reinforced concrete buttresses, which can be built without the requirement of large and complicated equipment. The building structure is based upon four shipping containers. They are transferred to the location with any transport available (including a helicopter if necessary) and, as a minimum, place inside the containers all that is required to form the exterior seal. The building is proposed to have minimum waste during its construction, and thus allowing this building to be built in places where most construction brigades can’t get to.

Heating is provided using firewood. The most feasible water provision has to be designed for each individual project, based on projects location. Electricity is provided using wind generators, sun panels and batteries. At the moment project is being offered to interested individuals, with construction beginning in near future.

'Garden sauna'

Project stage: sketch design / 2018 Jun – Now

Design selection for a private client showcasing a variety of different designs and combinations of designed elements for a garden sauna extension. Through a personal discussions with the client we designed several distinct elements for this structure - such as roof, terrace enclosure, materials, etc. – and through combining these elements we were able to provide a large selection of possible designs for the client. Images shown here is just a small selection of the total final output, and serves as a glimpse to the way we approach our clients and design.

'Bird watching

Project stage: approved project documentation, waiting for the construction to commence / 2018 May – 2018 Jul

This bird-watching platform is a part of a larger Ruja river floodplain conservation and development plan. The floodplain of the Ruja river is a significant nesting place for a snipe and corn-crake. The whole 250m deep and 500m wide overgrown meadow formation is part of the Northern Vidzeme biosphere natural park. A proposed walkway will exist in the territory, leading along the Ruja river’s South bank, joining the Laipu street and Valdemāra street. The viewing platform will be located on the side of this footpath, opposite to the existing Rujiena high school and sport centre. Bird watching platform is expected to attract tourists and nature researchers alike.

Architecturally platform is designed with timber checked pattern, finished in light timber texture, for the platform to visually reduce its bulky appearance and blend into the surrounding habitat. As a floodplain, the whole territory gets flooded in the spring. For this reason the platform is elevated and placed upon six extruded reinforced concrete foundation blocks, to about a meter height from the ground level. On the south side of the platform there are large solar panels to provide the necessary power for the research and measurement equipment.

Sigulda's district

Project stage: Competition (2nd place) / 2018 Dec – 2019 Jan

Located at the lect side of the Siguldas highway, immediately after the junction towards Valmiera, and at the very beginning of the Gaujas national park, ”Sēnīte” was one of the most elite and exclusive social places of the soviet era in Latvia, and its waiting for the rebirth of the past glory. Its new owner, head of ”Liepkalni”ltd, wishes to see a vision, where this unique architectural establishment would regaints its former glory days. In his words: “There once was a time where on your way to Riga, you couldn’t just drive by without stpooing at Senīte. I want for that to be true again!”

Tender is developed with the attempt to do just that. Solutions included in the end design combine both the powerful history the site carries with it from its former days, as well as its bright future potential. Design is based upon financial site location analysis, potential future use of the site with most feasible financial grounding, and the aesthetic solution that emphasizes the functionality of these solutions. End result is a comprehensive and well-considered design, which includes logic and functional territory planning, ergonomic and effective internal space planning, various function facilitation and integration with each other, and rebirth of the former glory of Sēnīte social complex.

'Skiing base'

Project stage: design documentation development / 2018 Jul – Now

Well known skiing base Zagarkalns is developing and expanding. Project encompasses the renewal of the existing building at the top of the hill Zagarkalns, as well as construction of a new sightseeing tower, which is going to be connected to the roof terrace of the existing building. The tower is meant as a tourist attraction as well as an educational tool for the school children, which are based in the existing building, about the Latvia and its nature diversity.

The new exterior design is formed as contemporary unified ansamble, emphasizing existing building architectural forms. Building exterior design is joint together with the tower design, where the same vertical elements are used in a slightly more free form, separating the new from the existing. Tower roof is directed towards the skiing slope, with its form mirrored in the roof terrace exit staircase structure. Underneath the architectural exterior, the existing building will be insulated and renewed, so that the building would serve the next generation of skiers.

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